Who is Fuelled?

Fuelled is Xero’s first alternate lending partner in New Zealand, backed by Heartland Bank.

We are New Zealand owned, operated and run by a group of industry champions who are dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses succeed.

By providing a service that keeps up with the pace that our customers work at, we proudly support their opportunities to thrive in business.

Our Story

The Journey 

At Fuelled we know that owning a small business can be liberating and deeply satisfying but it can also be tough; there’s a lot to juggle and a lot at stake. Having the ability to forecast and manage cash flow is critical for success, especially when you are at the mercy of big company payment terms.

At a time when businesses should be concentrating on growing, they are often worrying about sporadic income and ongoing expenditure.

Our Fuelled journey started when our two co-founders saw a need to help New Zealand businesses better manage their cash flow, allowing them to thrive. With a background in finance, they identified that many businesses were struggling to succeed because traditional forms of lending didn’t move at the same fast pace they needed to remain competitive.

So began the process of piecing together the best solution to tackle this need.  Over many late evenings the idea of taking what traditional factoring companies were doing and turning it on its head became a passion.  The co-founders started expanding the Fuelled story by bringing in skill sets held by industry leading champions to round out the capabilities.  The team started to grow and Fuelled began to take shape.  The product and integration evolved and homes became covered in post it notes as processes developed.

Partnering with Xero and Heartland Bank allowed Fuelled to complete the delivery of an online lending system that provides quick and easy access to cash without the hassle of meetings and lots of paperwork. Our clients can simply link their Xero account to the Fuelled app and select outstanding invoices for funding. The connection between Xero and Fuelled removes the need for a manual process or paperwork, essentially saving you time.

Here at Fuelled we work hard to ensure our clients feel confident and satisfied with our service. There’s always a real person to chat with and we go the extra mile to add value to their experience.

Whether you are a fast-growing business or an established enterprise, Fuelled is designed to make your cash ‘flow’.

To find out more about the Fuelled Journey check out our Blog.

Listen to Tapio Sorsa Co-Founder and CEO talk about how Fuelled built a seamless customer experience, and the technology that was implemented to achieve it.

For more about Tapio Sorsa visit ‘The Team’ below.

The Team

Tapio Sorsa

Co-Founder, CEO

Tapio is an IT and Financial Services leader with experience in IT Practice Management, Consulting and Banking. His previous roles were at Kiwibank, Microsoft, Fronde and Oracle. Tapio is highly proficient in product development, operations, governance and IT strategy.

A passionate and driven individual who thrives in an environment that values achievement, accountability, transparency and teamwork.


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Business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. If you need help outside those hours, we’re available for chat messages from 8 am to 8 pm.  Alternatively you can leave your email address on chat and we’ll contact you first thing the following business day.

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