Here at Fuelled, we pride ourselves on having an open and transparent fee structure.

What fees do we charge?

There is a funding fee for each invoice, consisting of a 4% transaction fee and 15% per annum interest. Fees may apply for late payment and extensions. See Fuelled Terms and Conditions for further details.

Check out our calculator below to see what our fees are for an invoice.


What don’t we charge?

This is the best part.  You only need to pay if and when you use our service. The table below highlights the things we dont charge for that some other services do.

Sign Up

NZD$0/Sign Up Fee
  • When you create your account with Fuelled there are no sign up fees.

Monthly Fees

NZD$0/Montlhy Fee
  • When you sign up to Fuelled there are no monthly or annual fees.

Early Repayment

NZD$0/Early Fee
  • We will recalculate a reduced fee reflecting the new time frame!

Funding Calculator

Fuelled lets you access funds per invoice, as and when you need to. You will always know how much you pay upfront.

How long until due date?
30 days

Your invoice value?

Cash we advance*
* Indicative only. Sign up for a firm quote.


Visit our FAQ’s for more information.

Why can’t I borrow the full amount?

We fund 90% of the value of your approved invoice. Fuelled prides itself on ensuring your company remains in good financial health. By funding only 90% of the invoice we can ensure that when your invoice is repaid your company has the funds to cover both the funded amount and the relevant fees.

How long can I borrow funds for?

Funds for an individual invoice are available for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 90 days.

What if my customer pays late?

We know from time to time things happen that are out of your control and we want to be able to help. All we need is a heads up that the payment is going to be late and we can recalculate the new fee and reschedule the new due date. Please note that conditions may apply.

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