It’s a well known fact that every great business has a website. But not every business has a great website.

Like any business getting a great website up and running can be like staring at a blank piece of paper; daunting!

So, we wanted to share the process of refreshing our website to take away some of the ‘argh’ factor.

Our Fuelled team always works hard to keep pace with what is important to our community of New Zealand businesses. We knew we needed to provide our customers with a faster, more efficient online journey that would take them through what we offer, why it benefits their business, who we are and how it all works.

Ultimately, we wanted to make sure our customers could get a solution to their cash flow challenges quickly and easily and our website needed to be the first port of call.

So how did we determine what was important to our customers?

Working with our wonderful digital agency and using our previous website as a learning tool, we discovered the information that was most important to our customers by looking at the analytics, user behavior, customer feedback and heat maps and applying it to a new design.

“The real story lies in the true ‘Why’.

Those meetings around the kitchen table, the frustration of knowing things can be done better and having to wake up every day in a world where businesses can’t get the help they need, you are the crusaders coming to save kiwi companies from the cash flow monster.

That’s the story I want to know about, that’s how you build trust.”

What a learning curve! Amongst it all we discovered our customers mostly wanted to know about four main areas and they all revolved around the speed they could access the information they need and trust such as pricing!

Here’s what our customers wanted:

  • Answer my questions faster!
    We took the top seven questions we were constantly asked or that were searched for in our FAQ’s and made sure that content was available up front.
  • Who am I dealing with?
    Our customers wanted to be able to trust us and wanted to know who is behind the Fuelled brand. We decided to shout out that we are proud to be New Zealand owned and operated and backed by Xero and Heartland Bank, both great household Kiwi brands.
  • Who is using the Fuelled service?
    Success stories are the key to our customers being able to relate to other businesses and to trusting in the quality of our service so we needed to make these visible.
  • What is Fuelled’s story?It felt strange to tell the world about the late nights and the walls of our houses covered in post-it notes, but these stories gave our customers an insight into the fact we also are a business that started from grassroots.  People deserve to know that we are human too. We work hard and have lives that are busy with family, all the while piecing together a solution that would make other lives easier.

Then came time to piece it all together and to give our customers a simple, seamless experience where they could move easily between our website, the online app and communicating with a real person.

We worked hard to ‘speak human’ while educating our visitors; you won’t need an economics or finance degree to use Fuelled because we are there with you the whole way.

Lastly, we are proud to stay true to ‘Our voice’:

  • No 3rd degree
  • Be Informative
  • Build Trust

But the proof is always in the pudding. The first test of our website’s effectiveness starts today.

We need to know that the changes we made make a difference but we’ll always continue to tweak things, run comparative tests and respond to feedback; the good, bad and the ugly.

So, what’s next on our Fuelled agenda?

Watch this space for some blog and social media activity.  All aimed to educate and add value to your business. In the meantime, we’d love to know what’s important to you and what you’d like to hear about to really hit the nail on the head! Comment below or feel free to share our posts within your own community.

Our Fuelled journey continues but for now we hope you enjoy our new website.

You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are.”

– Hillary Sawchuk –

Donna Sorsa

Donna Sorsa

Operations & Product Development

Donna can be described as ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. donna.sorsa@

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